sisterly love

A few days ago, I was able to get together with my sister.  It was a fun night – we chatted a little, we danced a little, and we had a cocktail or two.  She is currently finishing up her senior semester in college; while our age difference has always been on the verge of kind-of-understanding-what-is-happening-in-each-other’s-lives, but also not at the same time, this gap has become less predominant as we have aged (ah! that word!).  And I am incredibly grateful for that.  She’s working incredibly hard her final semester, taking those last high-level classes trying to figure out what step is next for her; not so dissimilar from big sister.

She’s always been a super positive person towards others, encouraging people to see the best.  We are very alike in this way – more towards others, but not always forgiving and loving to ourselves.  It’s a process.

She posted a link to my twitter feed last week.  My little phone screen did not do the post justice so I wanted to revisit and read it again.  It resonated with me, and I hope it does for you as well…

We’re taking a trip to the Queen City this weekend, as I had mentioned in my previous post.  I’m excited for this time to spend together, exploring all possibilities and different parts of Charlotte that I might have missed when I was there last…who knows, she might end up on this adventure with me after she graduates in May…I’d absolutely love to have her along for the ride.

thank you, moo! i love you!




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